Edge Celebrates New Orleans

Edge Celebrates New Orleans On Stage During the Initial Phase of Music Rising

Coachella Music Lounge 2010

Macy Gray mixed it up at The Music Lounge and stopped in to sign guitars for Music Rising. (Photo credit: Cie Hoover)


Alabama Slim with his MR Guitar

Blues musician Alabama Slim warms up with a Music Rising guitar - a gift from a group of generous fans! (Photo courtesy Irene Kato)


Sundance 2010: Day 6

Musician Mike Posner (left) [J Records] (Photo by Alex Koehne)


Sundance 2010: Day 5

Swag TV host interviews The Iron Birds (by Alex Koehne)


Sundance 2010: Day 4

Melinda McGraw of "Skateland" (Photo by Alex Koehne)

John C. Reilly

Sundance 2010: Day 3

Actor Tim Daly (Katy Winn/AP Images)

Ben Affleck

Sundance 2010: Day 2

Musician John Legend at the Gibson Guitar Lounge (Photo by Alex Koehne)

Sundance: Gibson Guitar Lounge - Day 1

Sundance 2010: Day 1

The Gibson Guitar Lounge during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Friday Jan. 22, 2010. (Katy Winn/AP Images for Gibson Guitar)


Superdome Concert

The Edge, Billy Joe Armstrong and Bono performing at the Superdome.(Photo credit: Shahar Azran)

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